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Popcorn ceiling has many different aliases, acoustic ceiling, cottage cheese ceiling, bumpy ceiling, textured ceiling, dirty ceiling, etc.. They were very common and highly desired throughout the 1950's through the 1980's of new construction homes. Popcorn ceilings were useful for deadening noise and for it’s cheap cost. It was an ideal choice among contractors so they could hide imperfections in the drywall. Many homeowners now remove popcorn ceilings when it’s time to remodel, cleaning and painting this coarse texturing called popcorn can pose very challenging and even still an eyesore. Dust and cobwebs stick to this popcorn ceiling texture like glue, which makes the texture appear very unsightly over time.

What is it about popcorn ceilings that makes it almost a necessity to remove them? First of all, it lowers your home value. If you look up and really study your popcorn ceilings you will notice dirt, dust, spider webs, among other nasty stuff just collecting in them. Over the years, this becomes a huge problem, not only to your health, but, well it’s an eyesore. Steve's Ceilings and Drywall popcorn ceiling removal process lasts just a cpuple of days, which also includes refinishing.

Steve's Ceilings and Drywall specializes in popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing. Since 2002, Steve's Ceilings and Drywall has been a trusted expert in the drywall trade. When popcorn ceilings, fell out of popularity in the late 1980′s Steve was there beganing removal of popcorn ceilings. Working with Steve's father, Steve has removed thousands of popcorn ceilings over the years and has perfected the process which guarantees a clean, fast removal anhd refinishing in just a couple days!

Steve's Ceilings and Drywall works with accuracy and precision to ensure QUALITY service. Our proven methods cut down on the mess during the removal process, which leaves your home in the same condition in which our team arrives, if not cleaner! Are you ready to transform your old outdated popcorn ceilings into fresh, new modern ceilings?! Your satisfaction with our popcorn ceiling removal services is guaranteed! Excellent service at reasonable rates is our promise to you.



Typically, how long does it take to remove popcorn ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings can typically be removed in one day. This can change if the square footage is on the larger side, very high ceilings or if the popcorn ceiling has been painted.

What type of textures do I have to choose from?

You have the option of the following textures: knockdown, skip trowel, orange peel and old world. You also have the option of “no texture” an imperfect smooth finish (level 4) and a perfect smooth (level 5). Note: Old world and smooth level 5 are more expensive.

What is included in the popcorn ceiling removal cost quote?

Typically, we provide popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing (this is standard). First we prep all areas, remove popcorn ceilings, prep the ceilings and then refinish them. We can also arrange painting your ceilings if desired.

Do I have to paint my ceilings after they have been textured?

Simply put, yes. Priming and Painting your ceilings seals the texture. If you did not paint, your ceilings would be “unfinished” and the joint compound (texture) would brown overtime.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do. Visa, Matercard, AMEX, Discover.




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